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Boundaries of Evil

Our Holiness The Reflective One, High Priestess of the Light Zindia, leader of Caliphate of the Zindia. Has summoned you to her private chambers.

“The brotherhood Duchies of the Tsain, part of the Celestial Kingdom of Shoafeng to the North have succeeded in fending off the Relentless assaults of the Reich of the Darag Urtag of the Far North with their immense wall.” Her carefully intoned voice carried across the stark chamber. “This means the Shoafeng will turn their eyes southward. This is where I need your help…”

This home brew 3.5e D&D Campaign puts adventures starting in the rugged Caliphate of Zindia, West of the Sea of Dust. Your high-priestess has summoned you to serve your kingdom because you get the missions accomplished no matter what the cost. You deliver.

House Rules

Rule Sets

  • All 3.5e rule sets, character classes, Creatures/Monsters are Possible. Please let me know ahead if it is something beyond the Basic rules. For me to read up on. However I may adjust the classes or some of their flavor to better fit into the setting
  • ECL is set at 13.
  • Starting GP 43,000. no More than 1/4 of which can be spent on any one item.

Death and Dying

Any time a character falls to 0 or fewer hit points, that character must make a Fortitude save equal to 5 + damage below zero (0) hit points:

  • success by >5 – disabled and conscious.
  • Success – Unconscious and Stable
  • Failure – Unconscious and Dying. Each round Must make a Save DC +1 (cumulative)
  • Failure >5 – Dead

New Characters

Characters shall roll stats in following Manner:

  • 1 × 4d6 Re-Roll 1’s and 2’s, drop the lowest
  • 2 × 4d6 Drop the Lowest.
  • 2 × 3d6 re-roll 1’s
  • 1 × 3d6
    All rolls are done in front of the DM, they can then be place in and any order.

I also like Players to fill out this New Character Questionnaire It is worth 1 encounter at your level of Bonus XP.

Basic Backstory is worth 1/2 encounter at your level.

Cancellation/Reschedule/Tardy Policy

Sessions with fewer than 3 players will be cancelled. The person responsible for bringing the group below 3 players, must notify all other layers of the Cancellation.

Anyone who wishes to Reschedule in lieu of Cancellation is responsible for contacting and coordinating the change.

The GM is NOT responsible for this.

If you are Late, Please notify the DM via cell or text. The person is responsible for making sure the DM has acknowledged the text.

Thank you for the Banner Evil!

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