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Caliphate of Zindia

The Caliphate of Zindia (Zindia) is an assemblage of dregs from a fallen empire once lead by the Fleeing Suel from the sea of dust. long disassembled. A people unified under the strong belief in the teachings of Zindia and Her Pietors (Caliphe). All teachings are based on the Words of the prophet Noonea Zindi. She was said to have


Slavery: Slavery owning is legal. However Purchase papers or an Ownership License must be available upon request.
Reading and writing: Written Language is not common amongst the Zindi. The Language is only readily available to priests, nobility and the Merchant class. Phonetic teachings are strongly discouraged and may be punishable as an act of treason.

Gods and Religion

All Zindi Citizens are required by law to follow the teachings of the Prophet Noonea Zindi

Temple Stations:

  • Ministry of Truth – The religious body directing the actions of the Inquisitors and instituting the Propaganda of the Prophet.
  • Truth Seekers – They are the hoofs of the religious leaders, designed to be able to route out heretics and the disease of disbelief and stomp it out. There is a healthy fear in the populous that the piercing eye of the seeker might fall upon them.
  • Pietors – Priests are the soft paws of the People. They are there to love and reward the pious the direct the believer and masses of people and help keep the engine of the empire working strong.

People of Note



  • Content Not Found: Lou-Gerner – Alchemist/Poison

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The Currency are coins of various sizes and shape. It is said that this is so the high priestess can be certain to pay their vassals correctly. However there is rumor that minting involves thin sheets of metal being pushed through a stamp press. The Back of all Coin features the four tenant characters of the Doctrine, all Loyal followers of Zindia must adhere to. Truth, Piety, Sacrifice, Morality.

Common Name Eq. Value Shape Description / Image
ASE 1/50 Lg Circle Radiant Eye image of the All Seeing Eye (ASE) {size:30%}.
Wyvern PP 1/10 Sm Circle with Triangular hole Wyvern
Zin GP 1 Lg Octagon Icon of Zindia
Fluor EP 5 Sm Hexagon Flour de Lis
Buckle SP 10 Round with sq. hole Wreath of Grain
Loaf CP 100 Triangle (rounded) Loaf of Bread

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