Sea of dust

The Sea of Dust is a barren wasteland to the east of the Caliphate of Zindia over the mountains.

The Sea of Dust is the Remnants of the ancient Suel Empire. Destroyed over a millennium ago by a cataclysmic event known as the reign of Colorless fire by their rival Backlinesh Empire to the north.

the Suel were known for their magic prowess. Some believe this led to the Backlinesh hiring the druids to bring forth the reign of Colorless fire as a preemptive strike. However it only served to steel the resolve of the survivors of the empire to call down the meteors which annihilated their enemy utterly.

survivors of these great cataclysms fled over the mountains. Those few that survived struggled in the savage lands they were thrown to.

Those Suel still alive after the Great Exodus are rumored to remain aloof as they still hold tightly kept secrets of Magic to their kind.

Sea of dust

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